Porous metal panel and tough and durable multipurpose filter media

“Poremet” is our standard sintered (diffusion bonded) wire mesh panel which is designed for multipurpose use. It consists of 5 wire mesh layers and sintered into one piece.

It is not cheap, but it can be applied to various places of such as extremely low temperature beyond minus 200℃as well as high temperature of 400 to 500°C.




Resistant against hightemperature and extreme coldness

Poremetis made 100% of stainless steel, SUS316L in most cases. Therefore, it is very resistant to high temperature and also extremely coldness such as liquefied hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, etc. 

Tough and durable

It is quite strong, durable, and beautiful because it is first class stainless steel made.

Accurate openings

The size of openings is very accurate like silk cloth because uniformed wire cloth is filtration media.

Mesh Combinations

Type Mesh Constructions
P2 100+325/2400+100+12/64+64/12
P5 100+200/1400+100+12/64+64/12
P10 100+165/1200+100+12/64+64/12
P20 100+165/800+100+12/64+64/12
P40 100+50/250+100+12/64+64/12
P75 100+200+100+12/64+64/12
P100 100+150+100+12/64+64/12
P150 50+100+40+20+40+100+50
P200 50+80+40+30+40+80+50


Standard material: SUS316L (SUS316)
Special material: Hastelloy®, Inconel®, Titanium


machining, welding, electrolytic polishing

Standard sizes of panels

The standard sizes are 500mm X 1000mm, 1000mm X 1000mm, and 1200mm X 1200mm. Thickness is all 1.7mm. However, in case you want other size, please contact us.

Standard Thickness



Poremetis very tough and durable unlike paper, carbon or cloth filtration media. Therefore, it can be used for a long time through proper cleaning and maintenance.