“Super Clean Plate” (SCP) is a stainless plate with uniform fine pores, which made by sintering several etched stainless plate. Therefore, SCP has high aperture ratio and mechanical strength. Due to its simple structure, it’s superior in flatness and smoothness, cleanability, and visibility of clogging.

SCP is suitable for the application such as strainer for sanitary area, air roll, quenching. The aperture size is from 80 micron. The standard material is SUS 316L.



High Strength and Pressure Durability: SCP has high mechanical strength and pressure capacity and can be bended or welded to various shapes.
Visibility: You can check the clogging of filter or the condition after cleaning easily.
Flatness and Smoothness: Because SCP is flat and smooth unlike wire mesh, extraneous matters are hard to be attached.
Cleanability: Due to its simple structure, SCP has high cleanability.


Standard material: SUS 316L *SUS304 is available as well.


Press, welding, electrolytic polishing etc.


Various moldings are available, such as tube, disk, plate. We design and produce on your specific needs and requirements. Consult us.


Reusable by vapor washing, acid pickling, on-stream backwashing, ultrasonic or high pressure jet water cleaning, furnace roasting etc. This offers longer life of elements.


  • Strainer for production line of milk beverage
  • alcoholic beverage
  • food oil, perfume
  • current plate for gas
  • screen for granulating machine and so on