Bonmesh is an alternative of Poremet. It is a custom-made sintered wire mesh. In order to reduce pressure drop, increase flow or realize easier cleaning in comparison with Poremet.
We will be very glad to discuss your needs and/or requirements with you and design a better combination of wire cloth, wire mesh, perforated plate, number of layers, etc. Most possible cases are sintered single mesh plus perforated plates or multiple mesh layers plus perforated plates.



High Accuracy

the filter rating depends on your specification, and BONMESH offers high accuracy in each filtration rate


the combination of plain woven wire mesh and twilled woven wire mesh enables low pressure drop and high flow rate


Can easily be cleaned by backwashing

High Durability

High mechanical strength enables various fabrications (bending, machining and welding)


Mesh Combinations

Filtration Rate Standard Mesh Constructions
25 100+500+100+20
34 100+400+100+20
43 100+350+80+20
44 100+325+80+20
62 100+250+80+20
77 100+200+80+20
109 100+150+80+20
152 100+20
240 80+20
250 60+20

* Other options are available on your specific needs.


Standard material: SUS316L (SUS316) for wire mesh, SUS304 for perforated plate Special material: Hastelloy®, Inconel® Titanium


machining, welding, electrolytic polishing etc.

Panel Size

– 500 mm x 1,000 mm, 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm, 1,200 mm x 1,200 mm
– From these panels, we can manufacture various shape of filter element.


Reusable by vapor washing, acid pickling, on-stream backwashing, ultrasonic or high pressure jet water cleaning, furnace roasting etc. This offers longer life of elements.