METAL FIBER is a non-woven sintered medium of ultra fine metal fibers. While a sintered wire mesh is surface filter medium, this is a depth filter medium. Due to the construction, the dirt holding capacity is superior. And this offers high-speed filtration, and saves pressure energy.


The high porosity makes pressure drop lower. High dirt holding capacity permits longer life.
Due to a three-dimensional web of tiny fiber in a non-woven labyrinth structure, METAL FIBER not only holds containment but also separates gel.
High heat, pressure and corrosion resistance
Can be cleaned and reused. Cleaning methods include backwashing,ultrasonic cleaning, chemical cleaning and pyrolysis.
Pleatedfilterfor polymer application
Candle type filter element Φ14X1000mmL size / Φ35X1000mmL pleated type


Standard material: SUS316L
Special material: Inconel601, Hastelloy® etc.


METAL FIBER can be processed into various types of element, for example, disc, candle, pleat.

Panel size

Standard: 750X1180mm or 1180X1500mm


polymer industry, chemical, food, Pharmaceutical, Aircraft, industrial check filter etc.